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Monday, November 24, 2008

Missing my Reaper

So I was sitting at my computer playing with the pictures I took when we went to Mercer Arboretum & Botanic Gardens when my Lana comes in telling me I dropped a piece of the Reaper when I put it away. I didn't know what to say at first since I didn't put it away. She lays down one of my foam trim pieces on the table and tells me she thought I did since the reaper isn't in our front yard. Yup, some ass stole my homemade reaper from my very front yard.

It really sucks that I can't have something nice in my yard because some people are such inconsiderate asses. I'm really at a loss. I mean, do I not put my headstones out anymore? Should I even bother finishing my other reaper in the garage? I had plans for more headstones, a cemetery fence, but now I'm just in a funk over it all. This isn't the first time something has been stolen from my yard but last time it was mysteriously returned. I doubt I'll be that lucky this time. I'm tempted to post fliers and offer a fifty dollar reward for information that will lead to it's return. Whoever took it, took it today while I was in my house. They must have thought I wasn't home since our car wasn't parked out front like it usually is (Lana was out with her sister), so my first suspension is someone in the neighborhood. The officer was nice about it though and was surprised that it didn't get stolen sooner. Apparently the neighborhood kids aren't as well behaved as I would like to think. He complimented me on it and thought I had bought it. He said he remembered it well and would keep an eye out for it since this neighborhood was his area. I hope he finds it, but I'm pretty resolved to the fact I'll probably not get it back. It really just sucks. The frame I built from scrap wood with Marcel. He had his first power tools lesson helping me put the frame together. He helped me make the skull molds and cast them, and Lana helped with applying the Monster Mud to give it that stony texture. It was a family effort and someone came into my yard and just took it. I'm trying to shake it off but it just makes me so mad on so many levels. I'm trying to shake it off, really I am...

Anyway, we had a really nice weekend. We decided to head out to Mercer Arboretum & Botanic Gardens. It was really pretty amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I took plenty of photos but I do wish I had a nice telephoto lens or even a decent macro lens but I'm making due with my kit lens so far. Hopefully we'll be going back soon when the lighting is better (it was really cloudy) and armed with some mosquito repellent. The place is just huge and we're planing a full day trip down the road soon. Well, I should go for now. We got tamales on the stove!

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