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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Crazy!

With Christmas just days away we've been pretty busy around here. Between shopping, my birthday, last minute Christmas school specials, replacing our back windshield on the truck (twice!), and late night drives to look at Christmas lights, it's been non stop.
Marcel's last week of school was just crazy. With him on the student council, we went to something like three Christmas and neighborhood events. There was the school special, the neighborhood Christmas tree lighting, then his very first lock in. Thankfully he's now out of school and eagerly awaiting Christmas.
I'm pretty giddy about Christmas this year. We got Marcel some very cool stuff this year that I think he's gonna love. His tastes in toys has changed and this year it's becoming all too apparent in his gifts. I'm pretty excited. While there may not be any surprise Red Ryder BB gun under the tree, I think he's going to love the surprise gift Santa's bringing. ;)

Speaking of Red Ryder BB guns... For my birthday, Marcel and Lana took me to see A Christmas Story at The Texas Repertory Theatre! It was really pretty damn cool. I used to enjoy going to the Alley Theatre all the time. My Walgreen's and Waldenbooks salary wasn't much but it was enough for a single guy to splurge on great seats when I wanted and enjoy an evening just off the stage. In fact, for our first official date, I took Lana to see Inherit the Wind. We both still have our ticket stubs. My ticket has Lana's phone number written on the back. Being the incredibly thoughtful woman she is, Lana remembered how much I enjoyed going to the theatre. What's more perfect a gift than to take us all as a family to see one of my favorite movies on stage?! The chairs left something to be desired and the show could have been better but we all left with big grins and very happy. I think one of my resolutions this year is to do more of the things I've always enjoyed like going to the theatre more. It's been too damn long.

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I absolutely love this time of year. Last year we drove around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights. This year we saw a Discovery Channel special on Christmas Light Displays around the United States. One of the places was around Houston so we packed up and headed for Prestonwood. The drive was as enjoyable as the lights I think. Johnathan and Marcel talked about video games and Olivia made Dory whale noises now and then. Thanks Laura. ;)

It took us a little over an hour to get there with the bathroom breaks but we eventually got there. It was well worth it. Almost all the streets in the neighborhood had a theme, they gave out awards every year, and one house even had synchronized lights to the music that you could tune into on your car radio! Very cool. Some of the lights were simply amazing. The kids would roll down their window and say, "Wooow, they look even better in High Definition!" I found that very funny as I hope you do too. Well, I'm off to clean up a bit. Tonight I think we're gonna try to wrap presents!

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