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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cookies on Christmas

Christmas has come and gone. We still have the tree up but it's been reduced down to just a lonely tree in the stand, waiting for trash day. The kids got way more toys than we had planned this year but it worked out. Olivia's favorite thing seems to be the Magna Doodle and Marcel is eagerly awaiting some paintball.

Overall, it was a very good Christmas. We stuffed ourselves on chocolate and Lana most delicious homemade cookies. Lana went a on baking spree and made what felt like hundreds of cookies, tossed them in gift bags, and gave them out to our friends.
My favorite was the the sugar cookies with the icing (homemade as well). She initially made them for the kids to decorate but they got bored after a while. So us adults stepped in and finished them up. My favorite was the smurf house cookie. I wonder who got to eat that one?

It was a good Christmas in the Camacho House. :)

Well, I just got some good reading stuff from Ricky so I'm off for now. Lata!


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