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Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Day for the Books

So yesterday was just a little stressful. Marcel flooded our bathroom leaving me to clean it since he's been running a fever all the while fighting to keep Olivia from playing in the water. Thankfully Lana came in from the office and helped me clean up. Feeling a little stressed dealing with a sick kiddo, a toddler, and the usual barrage of house stuff, Lana gave me a pass to Half Price Books. Woohoo!!

I loaded up the eight boxes (eight!!) of books we decided to get rid of, in the rain, and headed out. Taking Lana's advice about music alters your mood even when ya don't know it, I set my play list to "Chillin". Thats right, I have a playlist named Chillin. Beatles, Lionel Richie, CCR, Journey, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, and even some White Lion. There's a bunch more but those are the ones that I can think of off the top of my head. Yeah, I listen to White Lion sometimes, so what?

Anyway, I was pretty relaxed by the time I got there and decide to go for the rock star parking spot that had opened up. If you've ever been to the Rice location of Half Price Books you know how incredible it is to get a spot right up front. So I put my blinker on to turn in, put my car in reverse and waited a few moments so the car behind me would know I'm backing up. I started to back up, he honked at me and tried to go around me. Yup, he hit my front bumper. To make a long story short, I probably got a little mouthier with him and his dumb ass woman than was deserved but they did hit me after all.

To sum it all up I ended up taking some twine I keep in the truck and tied my bumper back up temporarily. Lana's voice always haunts me to this day every time I reach for a piece of string.

"You always save string. You never know when you'll need some."

I ended up parking in the back of the bookstore since my rock star spot was long gone and was told by the owner of the restaurant I couldn't park back there ever again (a very nice guy though and we talked for a while about books). When I got all the boxes unloaded and drove my car back around front three rock star spots were available right up front. It was that kind of day.

I left with eight boxes of books and came home with only three books. I did good! The books? I got a copy of The Road a recommendation from a few friends, Darkly Dreaming Dexter cause ya know I love that show, and the Old Man's War.

Now I just have to finish the horror novel I'm currently reading, the photography manual, and the comic Watchmen. Humf.

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