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Friday, January 23, 2009

Bob Night

So we headed out to another Bob Schneider concert with some friends yesterday night. I haven't been to that many but I really like the atmosphere much better when he's at The Mucky Duck.

Knowing how much Lana really needed to kick back a little, I decided I'd do all the driving. Besides, she's always more fun to watch drink plus she usually has a pretty good idea of what her limit is. Which usually is a few glasses of wine. Last night it was Bailey's on ice. ;)

It was a really great little concert even if we did have to stand the whole time. I think next time we'll have to buy our tickets super early so we can get a table and not have "Deathwish" waiter telling us not to block the isle all night. Where the fuck are we supposed to stand when there's nowhere else to go but outside???

He played a lot of songs I actually recognized even if I don't know the titles to most of them. He even played my favorite, Metal and Steel. It was a good night for both Lana and me to kick back and relax a little. It's not too often that we make an effort get out without the kids. I know we should but I always end up feeling a little guilty when I know it's something Marcel would enjoy. I even found my self thinking he'd enjoy a Bob concert. That is until he made his first cock reference in the first five minutes of the concert. Maybe in a few more years. Until then he can enjoy the songs I chose for him on his phone and computer.

I was a little nervous about bringing my camera to such a crowded event but it worked out well. I got in there, setup my settings, and snapped away. I was really quite satisfied with a few of them. At the time, I was wishing I had a longer lens, but when I got them home I was happy I didn't.

I was the happiest with this one. The lighting was horrible in there and you weren't allowed to use flash during the event. So I cranked my ISO up, set my shutter speed down really low, turned on my IS, and hoped I could keep steady enough for a few good shots.
I'm happy to say, I did very little to this photo when I got it on my computer. I adjusted the white balance, added a filter to adjust the tones, then eased up the levels a little bit in a clipped adjustment layer, masked so only bob was highlighted (very lightly adjusted). I'm happy with the outcome.

Well, off to get my ass whooped at Gears of War 2 by a bunch of ten year old kids in my living room.

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