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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Greatest Job in the World

Lana sent me the coolest thing the other day. It was a link to a really cool job application for The Best Job in the World. Turns out a friend of mine through Passion Parties applied for the job and was accepted in the top 50!

Every year I went to Lana's Passion Parties Convention I looked forward to catching up with Lee. Well, turns out he got chosen for the final 50 on this great opportunity! Now it's going to get cut down to the final eleven. Here's a guy I know has a serious passion for everything he does and I can't help but ask that you take a few minutes to give him a five-star vote. It'll only take a few minutes of your time but for him it could mean the opportunity of a lifetime.

So go now -

The Best Job in the World


Let's send Lee off to the Great Barrier Reef! Curious about the job? Go check out the website (The Best Job in the World) and the FAQ page.

Thanks everyone. You guys rock. Good Luck Lee!!

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