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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Owlcon 2009 Takin Names & Kickin Ass!

So this weekend was a bit grueling but in a good way. I look forward to Owlcon every year. I've been going every year since 2002 and I'm always impressed. It's always very well organized, the folks are friendly and eager to help, and it always seems to be pulled off hassle free. I can't imagine the amount of work those responsible for the event put in but I would like to say thank you. Angelo, Reema, Elizabeth... (I'm sure I'm missed some but those are the few names that come to mind)

I know I don't know you guys but you guys rock for going through what I can only imagine is a crazy schedule of planning, bribing, and coercing to pull off Owlcon. As usual, the convention was amazing and a blast. Thank you. :)

I ended up playing mostly RPGA games this year. It's taken me a few years to finally decide to give Dungeons & Dragons a shot. There were a few games in middle school, an occasional game under 3.5 last year, but when 4th edition came out and they launched Living Forgotten Realms, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to learn it on launch. I have to say, after running under some great DM's this year, I was really happy with the system. It's no GURPS, but it's still pretty damn cool for what it is. I can't wait to beef up on the rules so I can start running the games myself.

I didn't run any games at the convention this year. I decided a few years back, right after my most embarrassing trophy fiasco, to take a little break from running games but I think next year Marcel and I are going to hit Owlcon like gangbusters. I miss running games. I figure next year we'll build a large Hasbro Heroscape Master Set map and run it on Friday night. On Saturday I hope to run a GURPS game, play an RPGA game in the afternoon with Marcel, and run an RPGA game in the evening. I'll leave Sunday open for now. ;)

The one downside to Owlcon this year was they ran out of t-shirts and we missed a few games Marcel wanted to play. Marcel went with me on Sunday and when I went to get him a shirt they were completely out. I was a little peeved at first but when I got to thinking about it... Wow! They told me they bought the same amount of shirts they always do but this year they sold out. Then there was the fact that some of the games that were Marcel's top choice games were maxed out. Again, turn it around and all I can say is awesome! Sunday at the convention used to be the slowest day with a low turnout. Now you have to preregister to insure you get a seat - on a Sunday! We'll definitely be preregistering next year. Man, I'm hyped about it already!

Since we didn't get to play in the games we wanted we called it early on Sunday and I took him out for a little relaxation time. We hit Nan's Games & Comics first. We both found new toys in their overstuffed shelves. He found a Gears of War action figure set and I got a new mini. I refrained from getting new dice. If someone would have told me near twenty years ago that one day I would still be shopping at Nan's but with my son, I'd have laughed at em.

Afterward it was time to stuff our belly with sushi at one of my favorite restaurants, Miyako's. Once we stuffed ourselves on delicious sushi, we went to see the new movie Coraline in 3D. It was a little darker than I expected which was a pleasant surprise. I really loved the story, the small mythology references, the symbolism and the music. Marcel really liked it too even if the dancing fat lady wearing the pasties made him a little uncomfortable. Hell, it made me uncomfortable. Awesome movie if you haven't already seen it.

To round it up, it was a most incredible weekend. I'm still tired but it's a good happy tired. :)

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