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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Waiting for my Woman

I'm pretty sleepy right now but I figured while I was waiting for Lana to get home, I'd go ahead and post these photos. I've been up in the office mostly, the past few days.

Marcel had his Valentine's Day project to do yesterday so we hit the garage, drew out a few ideas on the marker board, and scrounged around the garage for all the parts. It was pretty fun working with him. He's got a natural knack around tools. He wasn't too wild about me putting his hair in a ponytail at first but I think he realized how much easier it is to work with your hair out of your way.

We ended up making a cool Valentine's Day card dispenser. You pull a ring on a string in front of the box and it pulls out a tray that pops out of a hinged door using pulleys. It came out really well and I was honestly just beaming with how well he could swing a hammer and grind with a belt sander.

The other photos were from earlier today when I was up in the office working on Lana's computer. Her Outlook was acting fucked up thanks to Outlook Connector (which I do not recommend using). So I dumped it, configured her hotmail to a pop3 connection, moved her data file to a unfrozen partition (I LOVE deepfreeze), and added back all her contacts, calendar events, email folders, etc. Needless to say Olivia got bored so I set up my camera on my Gorillapod and took a bunch of photos using my Wireless Remote Control with her in my lap to kill time while the computer did it's thang. A handful came out good enough to keep.

Well, Lana should be getting home safe and sound here shortly so I'm calling quits on here. G'night!!

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