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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Springing Back

With Spring only a day away officially, we decided it was time to get the yard whipped into shape. We got our grass cut before a nasty gram, Lana got our blueberry bushes planted along with our seeds for all our tomatoes and herbs, plus I got most of the dead tree in our yard torn down thanks to a borrowed chain saw. All while I'm sick.

It wasn't too bad really. All this stuff kept me busy and medicated up. I have been putting off uploading my photos though mostly because I just didn't feel up to staring at the computer screen for any length of time unless I had to. Since I edit all my photos in RAW these days it's a bit of a task to sit down and go through over six hundred photos. There's culling out all the crap (LOTS of photos never make it past the first step), correcting white balance sometimes, final touch up in Photoshop (filters and whatnot), then the last step, convert to jpeg for Flickr upload. Like I said, it's something of a task when I get behind.

I had lots of photos to go through too since I had recently gone to Houston Arboretum & Nature Center, the Galveston Oleander Cemetery, and a night out to a Bob Schneider concert at Mucky Duck.

I wasn't very happy with the cemetery photos so I'm just going to make a day of it and reshoot all of em again. Hopefully next time it won't be before a heavy rain and thirty minutes before the gates close. Better planing...

Anyway, I'm feeling really good about Spring this year. Normally it would just mean warmer weather for swimming, some time at the river, time at the parks but now that I'm hoping to help Lana in the yard more it means gardening! I think I finally kicked this damn cold, seeds are planted, our backyard is nearly cleared of the dead tree, and I think working together we're going to have an awesome yard when stuff starts blooming! We've got seed packets scattered all over the house. Some in the kitchen, on the back porch tables, and there's even some planted. It's going to be fun I think. I'm hoping Marcel will get as excited as we are about it. Olivia loves it too since she gets all the mud play time a toddler could ask for.

Well, off to fix some dinner for four kiddos.

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