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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Perfect Weather and All That

It's hard to believe it's Sunday already! It's been a beautiful weekend even with the threat of rain. Just warm enough for comfortable outings but not quite hot enough to be uncomfortable. So we packed up the kids and went to the Museum of Natural Science yesterday.

We hit the butterfly plant sale but it was less than spectacular so we decided to hit the museum, the park, and walk a few of the little trails around the area. It was just a wonderful day for it. Marcel had fun chasing the birds off, Olivia ran everywhere she went, and Lana and I enjoyed just watching them be themselves.

I forget how quickly this will all pass us by sometimes. It's too easy to get distracted by things like grocery shopping, paying bills, folding laundry, sweeping the floor, etc. It's like we blinked and Marcel was ten. I've well over three thousand pictures of Marcel (thanks to Adobe Bridge I know that for a fact) at the many, many stages of his life but they all seem such a meager representation of what I love about those moments. Some of them were from disposable cameras, most were from various film camera's we've owned, some are from picture booths, a few from his grandparents collection, and some are from the various digital cameras we've owned over the years. Thankfully I learned from my father at a very young age that you can never have enough pictures. I can't turn back the clock but I can take lots of pictures along the way to remember our path. ;)

After a busy day running around together having too much fun, we dropped the kiddos off at my brother's house and we headed out to Tumbleweed for some Us time. For those of you confused, I went to a country club of my own free will. I don't dance. I'm not that coordinated. My mom attempted to teach me many blue moons ago but failed when I all I could do was manage to step on her feet. I do enjoy watching people dance though. Especially dancing country. I like watching them move around the dance floor. The couples circle each other, gliding across the floor, avoiding collisions with other swiftly moving couples locked in sweeping circles, and all of them circling the great disco ball that's hubbed in the middle of the great big wagon wheel. It was really quite mesmerizing.

Well, the sun's a hot star... Mercury's hot too.
Venus is the brightest planet... Earth's home to me and you.

Plus I was in good company of my incredibly delicious looking wife and some friends we've made through Passion Parties. Did I mention how sexy my woman is? When it was all said and done, we were pretty tired but very hungry. We hung out in the parking lot when the placed closed for a little while with a few friends making idle conversation about various vibrators, G-spot creams, and the value of a good nine volt but we eventually migrated to Chacho's for some very good grub. It was a good night. To make it even better, we slept in today after having gotten to bed sometime around five in the morning.

Today's plan? Clean the house a bit, water the plants and seeds, and make some ice cream with Lana and Marcel!


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