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Friday, May 15, 2009

I am a Gamer, Hear Me Roar!

It's going to be a good weekend. Got some plans to do some roleplaying, Lana and I are going to start reading Lumley's Necroscope series together, we're lifting weights again, and turns out I'm a dragon. Adamantine, to be exact. Later!!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Something to Share

I just had to share this quote:

This is the dirty untold secret of The Matrix: Not that we'll be enslaved by machines who hook us up to a virtual reality to keep us pacified, but that we'll plug ourselves in voluntarily. If you don't think this will ever happen, you've obviously never played World of Warcraft (or known someone who has). The minute we can turn our body maintenance over to thinking robots while we frolic, sexy and beweaponed, in a fantasy world, we're going to lose about half the people on the planet to it.

--John Scalzi

This is an excerpt from an article written by one of my favorite authors, John Scalzi, about the technology he doesn't want to see come to fruition. He's an amazing author, a witty man, and I truly enjoy his insights.

For the full article go to Future Trek-nology I Can Live Without.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back to the Beach

I've been spending a little more time than usual playing around with Fractal Mapper. Since I'm now a card-carrying member of the RPGA I can now officially run games so I've been reading some of the modules and even made a few maps! Yeah, the modules do come with maps but mine are better. With Fractal Mapper I can print them to scale and then just put miniatures on top sort of like a good ol' game of Frag. Here's my favorite so far.

Besides pushing pixels around in Fractal Mapper, I've been doing a lot of reading. Mostly books on photography with some Dungeon & Dragons stuff mixed in. I'll probably be picking back up on Eclipse in the next day or so. I really just needed a break from Bella's dumbass.

I'm really enjoying the series so far. I hear a lot of criticism over the series but most of these people are forgetting one key factor; it was published for young adults in mind. It's not going to have break neck plots with convoluted story arches that only a note-taking freak can keep up with. It's a fun read with a good story even if I do think Edward is an asshole and Bella's a dumbass. Jacob's just a cool muther fucker even if he does have horrible taste in women. Anyway, I have to read it. Otherwise Lana will ruin the story for me one piece at a time. She likes throwing me plot crumbs hoping I'll follow them back to the book, knowing I can only hold out so long.. Hurmph.

galvestonmothersday_35Speaking of Lana, we spent Mother's Day at the beach with her momma and Charlie! It was really great weather with a slightly cloudy overcast. It made for some good, if not sporadic, lighting. I wish I could say I took advantage of it, but I pretty much just flubbed the day as a picture opportunity. Lots of really bad composition shots that cropping couldn't even fix, forgot to adjust my metering modes, forgot to switch back to shutter priority mode after switching lenses, etc. Learning new camera tricks is a lot like poker. You focus so hard on the new technique, basics go out the window and you wind up staring at a handful of chips, or in my case, a handful of photos. I am happy with them though and I had a really good time just relaxing with my family snapping pictures like a retard with a camera. I should have just put my camera in program mode. Oh well. I was fun so I can't really ask for more than that.

By the way, if you haven't seen the new Star Trek movie, go now or I'll hunt you down and force you to watch Voyager A Clockwork Orange style!! You grok me bitches???
Okay, maybe that's a little too harsh on you and Voyager but you get my point...

"Live long and prosper."

Monday, May 4, 2009

Game On!

I've finally got my damn RPGA number. It's been hell getting it but I'm finally an RPGA member. Okay, maybe hell is a bit of an exhilaration but it has been a bit difficult. Back in February I went to Owlcon with the intention of getting my number immediately - cause you know that's how it usually works. Well, the guy in charge of the events told me he couldn't find his cards at home but not to worry. All I had to do was play my scheduled events, put my contact info on the forms as I played, and I would get my number in my email. You can guess where this is leading to. To make a long story short, I waited and never got a number. After exercising a lot of patience (two months) I emailed him with no response, emailed the Owlcon convention coordinator (who rocks by the way), and even tried contacting him through the local yahoo RPGA group. No dice. Not once did I get a single response from him.

So after some good advice on the board, I contacted the RPGA directly, I told them my sad story, and twenty four hours later I had my number in my email box!! Three months later than I planned but I'm back on track for running some Dungeons & Dragons fourth edition. The next step is to pass the GM Herald test. I can almost hear some of you snickering from here. I'm well aware of the level of over powering nerdiness this reeks of. I'm okay with this though so blow me.

It's been a lot of reading around here lately. I just finished reading Twilight and New Moon, I've been reading all the D&D core rulebooks again, and I've been devouring photography books from the library. Now I can add the Mutants & Masterminds corebooks to that list too.

crosbypark_52Oscar and I were chatting the last week and he mentioned him and some coworkers were gonna game this weekend. He wanted to know if I was interested in joining them and I jumped at the chance to do some gaming.

I had a blast even though I had only a rough idea how to play the system. I knew things were off to a good start when I stepped out of my car to meet Josh and he immediately recognized the song I was listening to as a Sepultura track. We went through the usual Geek Ritual of Greeting that leads to Throwing of the Dice, otherwise known as roleplaying. There was sci-fi/comic movie talk, we talked about comics, some techie talk about Blu-Ray versus on demand streaming, iPhones and dice-rolling apps, etc. You get the point. Overall I had a great time and everyone seemed to click well. Plans are for a weekly game!

It's nearly time for me to start cooking dinner now so I'll log out for now. Then it's back to reading all night. Maybe I'll watch one of my Blockbuster movies. With Lana out in Santa Barbara for her yearly Passion Parties Million Dollar Team Trip it's really weird in the house at night. Well, off to scratch out some dinner!

Quick Note: Has anyone been having trouble with the scripting here? My dad said he was having trouble with just my page randomly tossing forced popups duplicating my page. Weird. Lemme know if he's not alone and I'll get around to figuring out if it's a problem on my end. I suspect it's a spyware thing though. If all else fails, I blame Internet Explore. It's time to get a real browser Dad! Firefox!!!