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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back to the Beach

I've been spending a little more time than usual playing around with Fractal Mapper. Since I'm now a card-carrying member of the RPGA I can now officially run games so I've been reading some of the modules and even made a few maps! Yeah, the modules do come with maps but mine are better. With Fractal Mapper I can print them to scale and then just put miniatures on top sort of like a good ol' game of Frag. Here's my favorite so far.

Besides pushing pixels around in Fractal Mapper, I've been doing a lot of reading. Mostly books on photography with some Dungeon & Dragons stuff mixed in. I'll probably be picking back up on Eclipse in the next day or so. I really just needed a break from Bella's dumbass.

I'm really enjoying the series so far. I hear a lot of criticism over the series but most of these people are forgetting one key factor; it was published for young adults in mind. It's not going to have break neck plots with convoluted story arches that only a note-taking freak can keep up with. It's a fun read with a good story even if I do think Edward is an asshole and Bella's a dumbass. Jacob's just a cool muther fucker even if he does have horrible taste in women. Anyway, I have to read it. Otherwise Lana will ruin the story for me one piece at a time. She likes throwing me plot crumbs hoping I'll follow them back to the book, knowing I can only hold out so long.. Hurmph.

galvestonmothersday_35Speaking of Lana, we spent Mother's Day at the beach with her momma and Charlie! It was really great weather with a slightly cloudy overcast. It made for some good, if not sporadic, lighting. I wish I could say I took advantage of it, but I pretty much just flubbed the day as a picture opportunity. Lots of really bad composition shots that cropping couldn't even fix, forgot to adjust my metering modes, forgot to switch back to shutter priority mode after switching lenses, etc. Learning new camera tricks is a lot like poker. You focus so hard on the new technique, basics go out the window and you wind up staring at a handful of chips, or in my case, a handful of photos. I am happy with them though and I had a really good time just relaxing with my family snapping pictures like a retard with a camera. I should have just put my camera in program mode. Oh well. I was fun so I can't really ask for more than that.

By the way, if you haven't seen the new Star Trek movie, go now or I'll hunt you down and force you to watch Voyager A Clockwork Orange style!! You grok me bitches???
Okay, maybe that's a little too harsh on you and Voyager but you get my point...

"Live long and prosper."

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