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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bad Puppy

newcast_10It was a busy day. Today Olivia and I went to get her splint removed and her cast put on. Everything went pretty smoothly and the doctor assured me it was a minor break and would heal without issue. I spent most of the day running around the hospital getting her records from the Emergency Room visit. I bounced around from records to Radiology. I had to pick up her x-rays. I was fully expecting to get a big brown envelop with her x-rays in it. Having worked in an Emergency Room for years, that's how we always transported films but then it has been a long time. Welcome to the digital age. I got a disc!

newcast_13Her appointment went pretty smoothly and she was loved by all despite the embarrassment of explaining to everyone that my child was not saying "shit!" every five minutes. She brought along her special puppy for comfort but was in a bossy mood. She kept sticking her finger in puppy's face and yelling "sit". The only problem is that when she says "sit" it sounds like "shit" and if you know my little girl you know she is not quiet. When puppy decided he wasn't going to listen she threw him down from her stroller and continued to berate him to "SHiiit!"

The nurses and patients were all very amused. I had to keep explaining to everyone around me that she was really telling her puppy to sit, not take a crap on the floor. I was very happy when they said I could go. I was even happier when they gave me her radiology disc back!

The first thing I did when I got home was pop it in my computer. :)

oliviaxrays_01oliviaxrays_02It didn't take me long to figure out how to use the radiology software on the disc and export the images so I saved them for posterity. It's actually some pretty sweet software they're using and I had fun playing around with it a bit.

She really likes the pretty pink and I imagine it's far more comfortable than the splint was. She'll be "StuuuCK" in the cast for four weeks. Until then she'll be booty scooting and low crawling her way around until she's comfortable enough to put weight back on the leg. The doctor said she'll be able walk with the cast. I'm waiting for her to realize she can use it for a weapon.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Emergency Room Adventure

oliviacast_0101Let me say first and foremost, Marcel is the big brother I wish I had been. He's always there for his little sister, plays with her despite the age difference and is a huge help even when we don't ask it from him. That being said, my little man was racked with guilt like no ten old should ever experience when we decided to take Olivia to the Emergency Room at around midnight a few nights ago.

It started with the kids just running around playing at around 10:30pm. Marcel was carrying her around, zooming around the house with her giggling the whole time. He'd been warned to be careful with his sister but that didn't stop them from having fun. He was in the process or hopping over a baby gate when they both fell over together. It was near her bedtime so I dismissed her fussiness for sleepiness. She refused food and just got angry at anyone near her. After she refused food Lana laid down with her and she finally fell asleep an hour later but woke up screaming when Lana accidentally bumped the leg. Then we noticed the swelling and the very warm knot in her leg.

The emergency room was incredibly fast and efficient. Every time I went to text Lana an update, we moved on to the next stage of our emergency room adventure. Marcel was at his little sister's side the whole time, crying and trying to hide from her. He never really stopped crying the whole time and all I could think about was the many times I sent my own brother to the emergency room or the many near misses we had growing up. I knew what he was feeling and it was heart wrenching.

He was eventually convinced of his little sister's undeniable love for him when she began hollering for her Bubba when the nurses and doctor descended on her to shape her splint. It wasn't Da Daddy or Da Momma she called for, but "Buuubbbaaa" she hollered for when she was a little scared and in pain.

It's been a new learning experience for all of us. Marcel's never broken a bone so we've never done this part before. It's particularly difficult emotionally when she hits her full leg splint hollering, "Ahh stuuCK!!"

She's making good though and has taken to scooting along the floor on her butt or doing an Army low crawl to get where she's going. She is a sneaky strong-willed girl though, and if no one's looking she'll try to stand up from the couch. We've a follow up with the orthopedics on Monday.

By the way, I'm sorry for pushing you down the stairs in a laundry basket Mike. I never wanted to hurt ya - ever.

I still think it would have worked if you'd have leaned back a little more. ;)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Little Tooo Quiet...

funatnight01It's been a crazy few weeks. Donald is making amazing progress. They're now talking discharge in the next few days so we're all breathing a little easier.

Lana's been at the hospital throughout nearly the entire ordeal and I have to admit I'm selfishly looking forward to having her home again. I've never really been much of a extrovert but I have found it's been too quiet at the house lately with just me and the little girl. Marcel's been at his grandma's for the past week so I've been left to talking to Livie and the TV. Like most typical little girls, she doesn't really care what I have to say so long as I work "da mote" for her now and then, keep her feed with a fresh diaper, and nod yes or no when she asks me a question. At least when I was talking to my brother's bird rocko, he listened. Don't argue, just go with it.

neighborhoodwalk_02So with Don getting ready to come home, we're all shifting gears a little. I'm eagerly awaiting everyone coming home. It'll be nice. Marcel jumping over the furniture after I've warned him not to, Lana coming down for a refill of tea and a kiss while she talks on her bluetooth, and Livie bullying everyone to give her "dat" cause "it miiiiine, not yurs". I love it.

I think I'll take a busy house of cleaning up after everyone all day to an empty house with nothing to do any day. Crazy I know, and I may disagree later but right now I just want my little clan back home.

Well, I'm off to make me a plate of meatloaf. Yup, I cooked meatloaf. I've realized that somewhere along the way I've learned how to cook for myself without always relying on a box of hamburger helper or macaroni and cheese. I can't take all the credit though. I think Lana subliminally implanted the urge to cook for myself now and then while I slept. Knowing how to cook for yourself is quite a good skill to have. It's even better than having mad nunchucks skills. Lana tolerates me bugging her for her recipes.

"I don't really measure. Just grab a bit and throw it in until it tastes right."

I'm no chef but my food is eatable and I've not gotten sick once.

Time to eat and watch some CSI while I fold today's laundry. I might even squeeze a shower in there if Livie keeps napping after our hour long walk.

Monday, July 13, 2009

In One Hundred Years

jessejonespark21So my phone rings early in the morning last Sunday followed by the ever foreboding text message "911" from Laura. Without going into too many details, Lana's dad had a stroke and has spent the past week in the hospital.

The days crawled by while Don's girls stayed by his side nearly around the clock waiting for him to wake up, unsure of the outcome. With a team of doctors, nurses, and specialists working to see him come back to us, his girls bullied and cajoled the hospital staff for information. He paid them back by stubbornly fighting his way back. It started with just toe wiggling to communicate a simple "yes". It wasn't long before he was trying to get out of bed despite the trach tube, IV lines, and EKG cables.

He's been fighting the odds the whole way but the doctors are surprisingly optimistic and are just dumbfounded by his recovery rate considering his plethora of complications along the way. To give you some idea of how shaky the doctors were I'll share something that Lana shared with me.

Lana was in Don's room when a respiratory therapist came by to remove his trach tube. The man looked a little distraught and red-eyed. Lana commented on it and he replied,

"You don't recognize me do you?"

The past few days have been pretty hectic for Lana running on little sleep so it was probably no surprise that she didn't.

"I put this trach in your father. It's not to often I get to take one out under such good circumstances so excuse me if I'm a little misty eyed."

jessejonespark16It's going to be a long road of recovery but Don's one strong-willed man. I can't imagine the emotional roller coaster the man has been on but I'm happy he decided to stay with us. Watching the love of his daughters has been inspiring, humbling, and eye opening. It's a eye-opening reminder to me why we're all really here. In the end everything else is all just background noise to the love we have the opportunity to share with those we care about. When I was in the military I had the fortunate opportunity to work with a guy named Lou. Whenever one of the ambulances wouldn't start, someone showed up late for their shift, they threatened to take our office away, etc. he'd always just shrug and throw in his personal motto,

"In one hundred years, who's gonna care?"

I always smurked and dismissed it as Lou's attempt at humor but the phrase stuck in my head. I've taken it as a quiet mantra over the years and at times like now it becomes all too clear what he meant, or at least, what I took from it.

If I seem a bit like an emotional train wreck, it's only because it's been one hell of a ride the past week. Don and I have had our differences in the past. Disagreements on various things but we've also a lot in common as well. We're both just not very communicative verbally and that tends to get in the way when living with someone. When you dismiss all the "background noise" he's quite an incredible guy that I've always looked up to in a lot of ways. It's like a fresh start but not just for him.

Olivia has a basket spilling over with toys in the living room and she chooses to spend a majority of her day playing with her old diaper box. She's got such an awesome Bubba who jumps at the chance to make his sister smile.