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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bad Puppy

newcast_10It was a busy day. Today Olivia and I went to get her splint removed and her cast put on. Everything went pretty smoothly and the doctor assured me it was a minor break and would heal without issue. I spent most of the day running around the hospital getting her records from the Emergency Room visit. I bounced around from records to Radiology. I had to pick up her x-rays. I was fully expecting to get a big brown envelop with her x-rays in it. Having worked in an Emergency Room for years, that's how we always transported films but then it has been a long time. Welcome to the digital age. I got a disc!

newcast_13Her appointment went pretty smoothly and she was loved by all despite the embarrassment of explaining to everyone that my child was not saying "shit!" every five minutes. She brought along her special puppy for comfort but was in a bossy mood. She kept sticking her finger in puppy's face and yelling "sit". The only problem is that when she says "sit" it sounds like "shit" and if you know my little girl you know she is not quiet. When puppy decided he wasn't going to listen she threw him down from her stroller and continued to berate him to "SHiiit!"

The nurses and patients were all very amused. I had to keep explaining to everyone around me that she was really telling her puppy to sit, not take a crap on the floor. I was very happy when they said I could go. I was even happier when they gave me her radiology disc back!

The first thing I did when I got home was pop it in my computer. :)

oliviaxrays_01oliviaxrays_02It didn't take me long to figure out how to use the radiology software on the disc and export the images so I saved them for posterity. It's actually some pretty sweet software they're using and I had fun playing around with it a bit.

She really likes the pretty pink and I imagine it's far more comfortable than the splint was. She'll be "StuuuCK" in the cast for four weeks. Until then she'll be booty scooting and low crawling her way around until she's comfortable enough to put weight back on the leg. The doctor said she'll be able walk with the cast. I'm waiting for her to realize she can use it for a weapon.

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