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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Emergency Room Adventure

oliviacast_0101Let me say first and foremost, Marcel is the big brother I wish I had been. He's always there for his little sister, plays with her despite the age difference and is a huge help even when we don't ask it from him. That being said, my little man was racked with guilt like no ten old should ever experience when we decided to take Olivia to the Emergency Room at around midnight a few nights ago.

It started with the kids just running around playing at around 10:30pm. Marcel was carrying her around, zooming around the house with her giggling the whole time. He'd been warned to be careful with his sister but that didn't stop them from having fun. He was in the process or hopping over a baby gate when they both fell over together. It was near her bedtime so I dismissed her fussiness for sleepiness. She refused food and just got angry at anyone near her. After she refused food Lana laid down with her and she finally fell asleep an hour later but woke up screaming when Lana accidentally bumped the leg. Then we noticed the swelling and the very warm knot in her leg.

The emergency room was incredibly fast and efficient. Every time I went to text Lana an update, we moved on to the next stage of our emergency room adventure. Marcel was at his little sister's side the whole time, crying and trying to hide from her. He never really stopped crying the whole time and all I could think about was the many times I sent my own brother to the emergency room or the many near misses we had growing up. I knew what he was feeling and it was heart wrenching.

He was eventually convinced of his little sister's undeniable love for him when she began hollering for her Bubba when the nurses and doctor descended on her to shape her splint. It wasn't Da Daddy or Da Momma she called for, but "Buuubbbaaa" she hollered for when she was a little scared and in pain.

It's been a new learning experience for all of us. Marcel's never broken a bone so we've never done this part before. It's particularly difficult emotionally when she hits her full leg splint hollering, "Ahh stuuCK!!"

She's making good though and has taken to scooting along the floor on her butt or doing an Army low crawl to get where she's going. She is a sneaky strong-willed girl though, and if no one's looking she'll try to stand up from the couch. We've a follow up with the orthopedics on Monday.

By the way, I'm sorry for pushing you down the stairs in a laundry basket Mike. I never wanted to hurt ya - ever.

I still think it would have worked if you'd have leaned back a little more. ;)

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