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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Return to Sender

buttercupyellowhibiscusclippings01I've been attempting to try my hand at gardening and so far have failed in almost every instance for one reason or another. I haven't given up though because I'm stubborn like that. Here lately I've been trying to successfully root clippings. I'm told it isn't that difficult. Well, it looks as though I might actually have gotten a few of mine to root! The one pictured to the right is a clipping I took from an apartment complex parking lot. It's a buttercup yellow single bloom Hibiscus. With Ribblette in the house, Hibiscus flowers are in high demand these days. Out of the dozen or so clippings I made it looks as though a few might take. Yup, that's a small bit of green growth branching out of my clipping. :)

Now I'm hoping my other clippings will yield a few as well. I've got clippings for triple bloom buttercup yellow and peach hibiscus so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Everyday we walk to check the mail, we grab a few blooms off the hibiscus we have in the yard. I'm hoping next year to add a lot more.

Speaking of checking the mail...

Maybe it's just me but I just can't fathom bad customer service when dealing with a dissatisfied customer who truly wants to do business with you. I guess I should start at the beginning.

A few months back Marcel decided he wanted an ocarina from Songbird Ocarina. So He shelled out his money to me and I placed the order online for him. That was on July the 17th. So he waits patiently, running to the mailbox every day when he gets home from school. After a few weeks I email them on August the 3rd to ask about the status of his order and receive this reply later that same day,


Is this Alex XXXXXXXXX? I'm sorry I thought I emailed you to inform you that the Majora's Mask are backordered. We are a little behind in production but your order has not been forgotten. It has just been filed until we take the ocarinas out of the kiln; as soon as they are done, we will ship one out to you right away!

Let me know if you have any further questions and/or concerns Thank you for your patience!

I felt a little better about our decision to order from them even though I had to contact them. Mistakes happen and I understand. So here we are, over a month later from our last communication (that I initiated) and more than two months after our order and still no ocarina or word one from them. Marcel has all but given up on the damn thing ever coming in and I'm to the point of giving him his money back since I'm doubting they'll offer a refund. So I call them.

I was told that they did ship it. I wasn't provided a date, shipping method, or tracking number, just a "we're sorry" and they'll ship another one out to me. Never did they mention expediting the shipping, refund, or offer tracking to insure it arrived.

I'm disappointed to say the least with their customer service and will not be ordering from them in the future. I'll buy Marcel's Christmas present Ocarina of Time from another artisan. Blaaah.

Okay, I'm done bitching. Off to fold laundry while the little girl is napping.


  1. Looks like it worked! Congrats on the cuttings too. I know how exciting it is to get those first few twigs to show some growth.

  2. I cant agree with you more that the time goes too quickly, and I cant imagine actually looking forward to the time my daughter leaves home. Thanks again for your support on my blog and the book, I cant believe the time has come and books are already selling like mad. I hope we can, through our blogs and book, influence others to enjoy the time we have with our kids before they leave us.

  3. Yes, I finally got it working right! I had to back up my template, load a new one, and build it back piece by piece! This is after taking my modified template and deleting each addon one by one with no luck. So now it works and my template is brand spankin new. ;)

    I'm just hoping I can keep the new growth alive now...

  4. Love your blog. I'm a SAHD dad too. I found you on Twitter and started following you there. I don't have any thing resembling a green thumb; it's more like a black thumb. Good luck!

  5. Hey, thanks! Dude, I LOOOOOVED your last post! Absolutely hilarious! I hope you don't mind me addin you to my blog roll.

    Yeah, I've learned the hard way I'm not a gardener. I am stubborn though and I'll keep killin em till I get it right. :D