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Monday, October 26, 2009

Everyone Wins!

karatetourney_20v01So Marcel and Lana have been doing the whole Karate thing lately. It's pretty neat and they really enjoy it. Yesterday they participated in their first tournament. So I canceled my gaming day with the guys and charged up the camera for a day with the family. I had fun watching them despite having to chase a crazy toddler up and down the bleachers. All things said and done, she was really well behaved and in a great mood. There were a few scary moments when I thought I'd get the stink eye from other spectators but thankfully her super power cuteness was too much for anyone to resist.

While Marcel was going through his Kata in front of the judges I made the mistake of pointing him out to her. She proceeded to yell at the top of her lungs.

"Hey Bubba! Hi Bubba! Whatchu doing Bubba?!..."

karatetourney_59Then she decided to make a break for it despite being on my shoulders while I attempted to take pictures. When she saw her mom it was even worse because I made the mistake of getting in close for a few good photos. It was a steady stream of,

"Hiii Momma!! Whatchu doin' Momma?! Hey Momma!! Hey Momma, What u doin Momma?!!"

We were all of thirty feet away and my child was yelling at the top of her lungs while Lana did her Kata's in front of the judges. Luckily she trained for that too. Marcel took down a second place and Lana came home with first. I was very proud of em and 'Livie was too I think.

owlcon03In other good news, while on the way to the tournament I found out my Owlcon logo won! I'm not sure which version they'll go with yet but I was stoked to know mine was picked. It's the second time I've submitted a logo and a second win. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. My first submission was back in 2004. So I'll get in for free this year and get my snazzy shirt for free this year. I'll probably end up running a game or two anyway though. I'm really excited about Owlcon this year and I'm already counting down. Until then, I need to learn 4th edition GURPS just a little better. I plan on hitting the conventions heavy this year. I got the gaming bug again. It's good to be roleplaying regularly again and even better to break out of my usual comfort zone to try new games. :)

halloween2009_16I'm off to to a little touch up paint on Marcel's Halloween mask. He decided to be The Blue Spirit, from the Avatar The Last Airbender this year. It really hasn't been too difficult. The mask came along really well, I had plenty of scrap wood laying around for the swords, and I just had to sew a mask. It's been pretty fun putting together all the skills I've accumulated over the years and seeing results I can be proud of. Marcel actually made the comment that the mask is too shiny. My fiberglassing and bondo skills have come a long way :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Spirit

jessejonespark29Halloween has yet again snuck up on us. Honestly, I've been very disgruntled this year about Halloween. I know I shouldn't still be so bothered some asshole would sink so low as to steal something me and my family built together, but I have. I miss my reaper. More than missing my reaper though, I miss feeling that my home and the things I place in my yard are safe from losers with no sense of morals. I really hate feeling that way but there it is still. So I've decided to not put out my pimp headstones. I might change my mind later and just put them out a few nights before Halloween but as of right this very moment they're staying in the garage. Blaaah.

halloween2009_08What really sucks about feeling like this is that I really absotively love Halloween. I love making stuff and Halloween is such an awesome outlet to really just have fun. So despite feeling upset every time I look at my unfinished reaper or headstones, I decided to make Marcel's costume this year. He decided to go as The Blue Spirit from Avatar The Last Airbender. Thankfully it's a pretty simple costume. The most difficult part is going to be the mask I think and I've already got that sculpted out. Next will be to make the mold the evening, cut out the swords, and shop for the black outfit. I think I can get it done in time but since I put off waiting so long I doubt I'll have time to do anything for myself or Lana. I'm sure with the boxes of costumes and props we can toss something together.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Taming the Yard

pottygirl_02So it's been a while since I've posted. The monster that's been taking up a majority of our energy these days is our backyard. We finally got the dead tree that fell over on Father's Day taken care of. With that out of the way I was able to put the fence back up. Feeling a little feisty, I decided it was time to attack the backyard grass with the lawnmower. One thing led to another and we eventually ended up with a new gas weed eater but renewed eagerness to try another round at this gardening stuff.

bouganvilla01With so many other distractions on our plate the past few months we let the backyard go a little wild and out of hand. I forget how big our yard is sometimes. We sit on two lots both on a corner so it's a bit overwhelming at times. The plan this following spring is to plan ahead and take it a little slower. I wasn't prepared at all last go around and my imagination was larger than my knowledge and skill base. Maybe this time around I'll manage to keep some of the plants I put in the ground alive.

Other than that, it's been pretty quiet around here if you ignore the chainsaw buzzing and lawnmower roar. Marcel's been home sick the past few days. I'm hoping we all dodge the bullet but I doubt we'll be so lucky. Poor kid is home from school and he hardly has the energy to take advantage of the Xbox sitting under the TV he's so exhausted. I even managed to beat him at a few rounds of Gears of War.

Well, it's time to clean the kitchen and dose Marcel up again so I'm outta here. Just thought I'd stop by and say whatup...