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Born in Houston, Texas and raised all over living the life of an Army Brat. I Went to eight different schools (three elementary, one middle school, four high schools) and have one little brother who’s not so little anymore. I’ve been married for nearly fourteen years now to a woman who rocks my world and I've been blessed with two wonderful children. Our dog, Sally, is a big black lab saved from a local shelter.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Taming the Yard

pottygirl_02So it's been a while since I've posted. The monster that's been taking up a majority of our energy these days is our backyard. We finally got the dead tree that fell over on Father's Day taken care of. With that out of the way I was able to put the fence back up. Feeling a little feisty, I decided it was time to attack the backyard grass with the lawnmower. One thing led to another and we eventually ended up with a new gas weed eater but renewed eagerness to try another round at this gardening stuff.

bouganvilla01With so many other distractions on our plate the past few months we let the backyard go a little wild and out of hand. I forget how big our yard is sometimes. We sit on two lots both on a corner so it's a bit overwhelming at times. The plan this following spring is to plan ahead and take it a little slower. I wasn't prepared at all last go around and my imagination was larger than my knowledge and skill base. Maybe this time around I'll manage to keep some of the plants I put in the ground alive.

Other than that, it's been pretty quiet around here if you ignore the chainsaw buzzing and lawnmower roar. Marcel's been home sick the past few days. I'm hoping we all dodge the bullet but I doubt we'll be so lucky. Poor kid is home from school and he hardly has the energy to take advantage of the Xbox sitting under the TV he's so exhausted. I even managed to beat him at a few rounds of Gears of War.

Well, it's time to clean the kitchen and dose Marcel up again so I'm outta here. Just thought I'd stop by and say whatup...

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