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Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa Town in College Station

christmas2009_santaswonderland15christmas2009_santaswonderland53So we finally got a majority of the Christmas shopping done. Lana and I spent an early morning wrapping presents together while the kids slept the other night. We're usually pretty late on the boat, but Lana's been all over it this year. This year, we did the bulk of our shopping through Amazon. So now we're just biting our fingernails and hoping it all gets here in time. I'm told by my Amazon account that it should all be here before Santa, so we should be good. The only trouble we have right now? Keeping the little girl from unwrapping the other presents under the tree. She can't seem to help herself. The moment she knows I'm not watching her she's tearing into a present. The next week or so will be a battle of wills that will end with us probably hiding the presents until Christmas Eve.

christmas2009_santaswonderland65Other than that, we're really just counting down. We haven't made our trip out to Prestonwood yet but we did drive out to Santa's Wonderland with some friends. It was really pretty impressive. I only wish I could have set up a tripod for some extended shutter speed shots but they don't allow you to get out of your car on the road that goes through the lights display. Once you've done the lights display, they even have a little Santa Town. They had live music, a Santa, and even a mechanical bull. Most importantly, they had funnel cake. :)

Other than that, it's been a bit lazy around here as we bunker down waiting for Christmas. I've been reading theHeroes Die books again and not been getting a whole lot of other things done. It's a bit dangerous to have books accessible through my phone at my whim. I'm going to write my Owlcon GURPS 4th Edition Demo game based off the setting written in the first two books. I've decided the adventure will take place in the years between Blade of Tyshalle and Caine Black Knife (Acts of Caine). Now I just have to write it in umm... three days? That's when the preregistration opens up which means maximum exposure to gamers. I do work best under pressure...

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