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Born in Houston, Texas and raised all over living the life of an Army Brat. I Went to eight different schools (three elementary, one middle school, four high schools) and have one little brother who’s not so little anymore. I’ve been married for nearly fourteen years now to a woman who rocks my world and I've been blessed with two wonderful children. Our dog, Sally, is a big black lab saved from a local shelter.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post Turkey

sanatonio_mitierra05sanatonio_mitierra07Lana recently did a Passion Party out in San Antonio for some friends and came back telling us about the most awesome Mexican food restaurant she'd been to in a while. So, spur of the moment, we decided to load up the kids and head out for a day or two. Marcel was out for Thanksgiving break so there was no "Please excuse Marcel's absence..." note to write.

The food was incredible and the atmosphere was just as good. If you've never been to Mi Tierra, you should stop in next time your in San Antonio. They even have Menudo on the menu - at any time. I didn't try it, but I will next time. When you walk in the first thing that hits you is the smell from the bakery. Then you notice the crazy stuff hanging from the ceiling in waves of streamers, tinsel and color. The mariachis playing in the background only add to the festive and welcoming atmosphere. I loved it. I can't wait to go back. We stuffed ourselves on tamales, Guacamole, Spanish Rice and Refried Beans. We skipped desert only because we planned on hitting the bakery on the way out. We took tamales to go for breakfast. Don't judge, be jealous.

The wall photo? I took a picture of it because it looked so much like my grandfather and I really wanted my Dad to see it. Am I crazy Dad or does that look like him??

sanatoniozoo_0102sanatoniozoo_0053After devouring our breakfast of tamales, waffles and cookies, we headed out to the San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium. We had never been to it before and were more than awestruck at just how amazing the place was. We managed to get there just a few minutes after it opened and managed to see just about every exhibit before we left. We were honestly a little bit in awe at everything about the place. The staff was friendly, the paths were clean and shady. The animals themselves were in fine form with the chill in the morning air. My favorite part had to be the Lory Landing exhibit.

You walk into the exhibit and feed these beautiful parrots from Australia. Having been exposed to a parrot before, the little girl took a little coaxing to go in. She loved looking at them but didn't want them anywhere near her hands. These little parrots were anything but shy. They'd bully, squawk, and bite their way to anyone carrying a little cup of bird crack (a.k.a. Lori Nectar). They were quiet amusing. Except the dirty bird. Their was one weird bird who kept putting his nasty little tongue in my ear. His buddy was content to perch on my head but the dirty bird insisted on tonguing my ear now and then. There are pictures and I even posted a few of them in my Zoo in San Antonio set. We had a good time. So much so that by the time we walked out of the zoo we were animal'ed out and voted against our usual trip to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. With aching legs and grinding knees in one case, we hit the Japanese Tea Garden next door and grubbed down on some barbecue just down the street.

It was a great couple of days and the best part is nobody had to burn sick days, vacation days, or worry about being called in to work. I know my woman's job isn't always stress-free and as easy as she makes it look, but I'm grateful she rocks it out. She's damn cool and pretty funny in cause you didn't know that already. And she can probably take you in a fight. :D

With turkey day gone now, it's time to get back to our Jiu-Jitsu and walking to work off all the thousands of excess calories I consumed at Calvin's and Louan's place. I think I'll kill the ham they were nice enough to let us take home first though while I wait for Marcel to get off the Xbox. I need to beef up my Modern Warfare killin skills so he won't laugh at me anymore.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hey Look, a Post!

So I just haven't really gotten around to posting lately out of pure laziness. I sit down with the intention to post but get easily distracted. Here lately, it's youtube videos on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Or I'm working in Illustrator.

citymap_texturedWith Owlcon just around the corner, I've decided I really need a new demo game. I'm going for a sci-fi game this year I think. I already got the plot sketched out but I figured I needed to make it a little more complicated to finish - so I decided it needed maps. Cool maps. Cool maps made in Illustrator. I've always been more comfortable working in Photoshop. I've even gotten pretty darn good with Indesign in the past few years. So I thought, why the hell not? I should beef up my Illustrator skills. So when my friend pulled out a pencil drawn map that looked like it was photocopied about a thousand times before he downloaded it for our RPG game, I thought that would be a great place to practice. With that done, I quickly moved onto my Heroes Die map for my main RPG game. I have to say, I really love the program and wish I had worked in it more often before. I'm more than a little disappointed Owlcon didn't hold their annual logo contest. I was really looking forward to the challenge and thought I had a good shot. I don't know if my win from last year would make me ineligible but I was gonna try. So with my Illustrator skills beefed up, I'll eventually get around to making my new sci-fi GURPS demo for Owlcon. Eventually. I still have the Shadowrun game to start writing (we start in two weeks now!).

halloween2010_14When I don't have RPG gaming on the brain, we've been running around a lot from Jiu-Jitsu class to Jiu-Jitsu class. What happens when you have a family with OCD tendencies and an activity they all enjoy? Massive consumption of said activity or at least as much as the body will take before screaming out in mercy. We've only just hit our two month mark but our love for the sport is only intensifying. Lana hasn't tried getting me in a rear naked choke in her sleep yet but I don't sleep with my back to her anymore either. You never know. I still remember our poker days and her raising me in her sleep. Without sounding too hokey, it's become something of a lifestyle change. We're eating better, we're active constantly, we've found the motivation to walk and run often in the mornings, and have even purchased mats to bring our habit home. We've been moving towards a healthier lifestyle and the Jiu-Jitsu has been the thing we all love enough to move in the right direction together. If you've never tried it, you should come by and at least watch a class. Tell Mr. Henderson we sent ya. Hey, you even get a free trial period. ;)

marcelbdayparty12_06halloween2010_02So what else did you miss while I was M.I.A.? Quite a bit actually. The kids had their birthdays. We did the double birthday party and all their friends made it out. It was a pretty darn good time and I even got a few pictures of the kids throwing down a game of Zombies!!! For Halloween, Marcel decided to go as a mobster. This year will always be remembered as,
"Hey, you remember that Halloween we had to force Livie into costume? Man, she kicked and screamed like we were making her eat a hamburger!"

(My child gags at the smell of meat in case you were unaware of that.)

Once she was in the costume though, she loved it. She played the cute card at every door and even got more candy by just standing there longer nearly every time. Marcel looked heart-breakingly handsome and too grown up in his suite.

So other than that, we're just having fun. Lots of time at parks walking and running. Lots of time rolling around on mats getting sweaty, grinning around our mouthpieces. Lots of gi washing and rushing from class to class. There's been lots of impromptu park picnics. I have to say, it's been lots of fun lately. I hope my kiddos remember this time together as fondly as I do now.

Well, I'm out for now. I got some Black Ops to play. I gotta get online before all the kids get home from school. I hate being destroyed by trash talking nine year olds.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feeling Fit

jiujitsu_013So Marcel is back in school now. He was pretty eager I think to get back to school. I think he was pretty eager to show off his newly acquired height and sporty new haircut. I have to say, I really dig his new look. We're waiting for the next round of stalker girls. Last one I saw did a drive by on her bike with a cell phone in hand. I would have died laughing if I hadn't felt so bad for Marcel trying to crawl under the dashboard of the car while the little girl tried to steer her bike and take a picture at the same time. It was a moment I'll remember for-EVER.

After a little prodding from friends, we enrolled Marcel in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class this summer. Knowing how much he really enjoyed Karate, we figured it would be a good fit. Well, turns out it's become the latest family obsession. Shortly after we enrolled Marcel, Lana and I joined up. We'd been looking for a family activity that we can all enjoy together and this just fit perfectly. Being big UFC fans since UFC 14 (back before it even got banned!), we were eager to learn first-hand stuff we'd only seen on the big screen. Even Olivia loves it. She comes home as excited as we are and randomly attempts to grapple anyone near her. Every time we're there and their Tiny Tigers are drilling she comes home with a few more "moves" she likes to try out on her bubba.

jiujitsu_009v01The clincher would have to be the school we signed up with though, Henderson's ATA Martial Arts. Everyone's very helpful and there's a real sense of camaraderie. It's a family place. Their professional, friendly, but most importantly, patient. I always feel a bit like the special kid in class but everyone always makes an effort to help, students as well as instructors. I can't say enough good things about the school so if you're looking for something fun to learn, Henderson's ATA Martial Arts is the place. Tell em the Camacho's sent ya. :D

It's been pretty nice getting back in the groove of a regular workout with the family. We're all hitting the pull-up bar often, we do a regular regime of abdominal workouts, and even added gi chin-ups. The Jiu-Jitsu mats are being ordered tonight so we can start drilling at home. It's pretty darn exciting. :)

I'm out for now. I got a mountain of laundry to do. I think I'll read a bit more first though. Totally diggin Banner of Souls. Later!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

River Rats

guadaloperiver_05_1So about a week ago, Lana's mom starts asking us about our schedule and when would be a good time to head out to the Gaudalupe River. After a little shuffling around, we loaded up and headed out. The kids were actually well behaved in the back seat despite the long drive and their reward was a three hour raft ride down the river. It was really pretty pleasant despite it being a Friday. I expected the party crowd to be out in force. Obnoxious folk who can't seem to have fun without being drunk always perturb me especially when in public but it was actually pretty laid back. Marcel caught his first glimpse of publicly exposed boobs. I pretended to not notice him noticing but he was pretty alert after that. Besides the occasional exposed boob, the loud country music (which I was very happy with), and the water cannon snipers, it was very relaxing and good family fun.

guadaloperiver_35_1We did have to keep a close eye on the little girl of course. First off, Laura was kind enough to think ahead and found a place who would allow our little girl on the raft. Jerry's Rentals hooked us up and set us loose (These kind folk come highly recommended for numerous reasons). Olivia, like her brother at the same age, is under the impression she is a fish. She can swim and even breath water, when she wants to. We made sure her prison orange life vest was well secured. I saw that look in her eye when she started easing her way to the edge of the raft. It's that look in her eye when she's found a lost crayon. When she thought we weren't looking, she jumped head first into the river. I jumped in right after her, ruining her plans by yanking her out of the water as quickly as I could. I'm told by Lana she was grinning the whole while. I didn't really notice with my adrenaline pumping so hard and my face buried in the water wake of a kicking toddler. After her one get away attempt, she was content with leaning over the raft to play in the water and the pit stops on the river shore to play.

I can't wait to do it again. I'm thinking midweek next time though. The great thing about Lana's job is we can do stuff like this in the middle of the week when most people are sitting behind a desk wishing they were at the river. :)

vwbus66restore_002Hopefully when we make this trip next summer it'll be in the bus. The guys are nearly done already! They're waiting on me to order the Safari windows so they can start welding them in. From there, it's new battery trays installed and new seats from a 1995 Dodge Ram 1500. I'm pretty excited about the idea of cranking her up again. In the next few days I'm gonna be heading over to their shop to strip the tar out of the back and take measurements for the side scoops I'm gonna fiberglass. It's coming along nicely!

Off to watch a little TV now and maybe even do a load of laundry or two. With the little girl going through potty training, I have an over-abundance of dirty clothes these days.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lazy Sunday

johnathanbdayparty10_04wavepool24_1It's official. Marcel was walking by me in the other day, brushing past me in the living room, when I noticed it for the first time. I had a basket of clean clothes and the little girl was trying to bully me into put on "Toot and Pudds Dad EEEEE!!!" but there was no mistaking it. He's now taller than me. I knew the day would come but I don't think you're ever really prepared to look up to your son. I'm not a tall guy by any stretch, standing at 5'4", but he's only 11 damn it. I think I still got the Daddy Battle Aura though. You know, that thing that allows all fathers to tower over their children at critical moments. Everyone probably has that moment in life when they say, "I could have sworn he was taller than that..." I call it the Daddy Battle Aura. It's a 15 point Advantage.

I can't believe he's growing up so damn fast. His face is losing that "kid" look. I see a teenager looking back at me sometimes and I know what fear is. He hits my pull-up bar often and his shoulders show those subtle cut lines and I can see hints of abs that want out when he stretches. Man, I am not looking forward to having an angry teenager with raging hormones who towers over me and can bench me.

johnathanbdayparty10_07We've been keeping pretty busy around here. Between birthday parties, Passion Parties, and Roleplaying with the guys it's been hard to make free time to post. I think I'm gonna try to make more of an effort to post a little more than once a month but no promises. The thing is, every time I sit down at the computer I usually end up loading up Indesign or GURPS Character Assistant. I've got my hands full when it comes to gaming projects lately. Between running an awesome game of Heroes Die GURPS-style, preparing a Shadowrun GURPS conversion, helping Oscar convert Furies of Calderon books to GURPS, and finishing up my new GURPS GM quick sheets 4th edition, my computer time is packed with gaming goodness. That's not mentioning the reading and character updating for The World of Darkness or the Rogue Trader game I'm in. I'm pretty darn happy about the quality and quantity of gaming I've been doing lately. It wasn't that long ago I was grasping at any hope to roleplay, no matter how unlikely.

I'm out for now. I got a list full of stuff I should be doing (dishes, laundry, lawn work, running CAT5, etc.) so I'm gonna go procrastinate somewhere else. Txt's have been flying and it looks like Munchkin or Zombies!!! with friends. :D

Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Bus'in

coldspringcarshow_04I've had cars on the brain a lot lately. A friend of mine I hadn't heard from in a while called me up a few weeks back. We talked for a bit, then he told me he decided to start doing auto body work again. First thing I thought of was my 1966 VW Bus sitting in the garage. Turns out, my bus was the first thing he thought of too. He was pretty eager to get his hands on it and the very next day we had it towed to his place. So I've been stopping by nearly everyday, visiting with him and my now dismantled Bus. I can't help but be very excited.

dubcarshow2010_088The Bus has been sitting in my garage for nearly five years. I honestly was just a little intimidated with the amount of body work that was necessary being that I had no experience with real body work. I can do wiring and I can even do engine work but the thing freezing me in my tracks was the body work. I can build fiberglass armor pieces, custom helmets, even formfitting masks from body filler and fiberglass, but real automotive body work that has to withstand the test of time and elements on a daily basis. The bus has small patches of rust, a dented nose, rusted battery trays that needed replacing plus safari windows that needed welding to install. Turns out, he's done all that before so it's working out well.

dubcarshow2010_054It's a little scary seeing it in various stages of dis-assembly but it's coming along fast. They even tolerate me hanging around all the time and getting in the way. I'm pretty excited about the idea of driving the bus in the very near future. I've even got the seats, I think, picked out. Dodge ram trucks have the style of seats I want. Long bench-style with a 2/3 shotgun seat in the middle with fold down armrest if the middle isn't occupied. A bonus? The fold down armrest has cup holders plus a compartment for miscellaneous stuff like CD's nobody uses anymore.

I do have my homework cut out for me while the guys knock out on the bodywork...
  • Custom Fiberglass dash for double DIN stereo
  • Find and purchase front and rear seats
  • Prepare engine for reinstallation
  • Custom Fiberglass firewall with speakers & amp
  • Custom Fiberglass air intake scoops
  • Find bumpers
  • Order gaskets for doors and windows
  • Order Safari Windows
My favorite part...
  • Pick the color!!

bustrip 014
Besides having Bus brain nearly constantly, it's been a pretty good start to summer. Our garden is blooming like crazy with peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Marcel is now out of school and we're looking to do some camping. We spent a bit of time scoping out some prospective spots a few weeks back with Lana's Dad after the Cold Springs Car Show. I've also decided to take my photography to the next level by grabbing the first few pieces of real lighting gear. I'm thinking two strobe lights with soft boxes, a wireless light sync, and a muslin frame. That should get me started. Who wants to be my first model??

Off to work on my GURPS Heroe's Die game before the little girl wakes up!!

And just because - How my lil girl avoids brain freeze...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Still Growing Strong

garden2010_006Things are coming along rather nicely in the yard. I think I've spent almost every day for the past week or so with Livie playing in the backyard. I've got the farmer's tan to prove it. We wake up sometime around 9-10am, grab a bit to eat, put our shoes on together and make our way outside. The little girl has become quite the little helper. I pull up weeds and she plants them in a small pot. I take down low-hanging tree limbs and she drags em to the pile. When I water the plants, it's her job to make sure the mud is good and mushy. Sometime around noon, we break for a sandwich. We usually sit on the porch munching away on a grill cheese or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's pretty damn nice. To make matters even better, we're seeing some real growth in the garden. I can't help but feel pretty excited about it all even if a lot of the seeds I planted didn't come up. Of the seeds I started, this is what I got growing so far:
  • Alpine Strawberries (Christmas Stocking Stuffer that came with a little pot, pack of seeds and soil)
  • Cucumbers
  • Jalapenos
  • Rose Moss
  • Cockscomb
  • Bachelor Buttons
  • Morning Glories
  • Yellow Hibiscus (Clippings I took from an apartment complex last year)
  • Cardinal Climber
  • Salvia
  • Black-Eyed Susans
  • Forget Me Nots (Christmas Stocking Stuffer that came with a little pot, pack of seeds and soil
  • Burning Love (Christmas Stocking Stuffer that came with a little pot, pack of seeds and soil

Most of the stuff I managed to coax out of the ground are pretty hardy stuff and pretty easy to grow from what I've read but I must say I'm still pretty darn happy to make it this far. I've never really been into gardening until the past year or two, so to get anything to grow and stay green for any length of time is quite an achievement for me. Most of our veggies, we bought from Lowe's or Walmart.

  • Tomato (Early Girl)
  • Tomato (Cherry)
  • Tomato (Big Boy)
  • Bell Pepper (Yellow)
  • Bell Pepper (Red)
  • Basil (Globe)
  • Basil (Traditional)
  • Cabbage
  • Strawberries
  • Yellow Squash
  • Zuccini
  • Rudabaga
  • Watermelon
  • Cayanne Peppers
  • Mint
  • Beans
  • Jasmine

It's all so green and still growing! The tomato plants have baby tomatoes, the Cayenne Peppers have peppers, The Cucumbers, Strawberries, and Cabbages are getting big and even the unknown bean plant has pods growing. I'm just giddy over it all. Honestly, it's a little hard not to make clippings of everything I see and like these days. I have clippings of stuff I have no idea what it is. Right now my prize plant, besides the Hibiscus clippings I've kept alive and growing for a year now, is a little pecan tree Lana gave me. She was helping a friend move an air conditioner unit to their mom's home, when they started talking plants and trading. My woman, knowing I've become something of a plant junky and knowing how much I love pecans, brought me home a pecan tree still sprouting from a pecan. That's love. :)

So what else has been going on? Not a whole lot really. You know us, we're obsessive personalities around here so it's been mostly plants on the brain. I was so excited about the stuff growing in the yard, I just wanted to show ya.


Well, I'm off to write up my GM notes for my GURPS game. Tomorrow starts early and I got a sinister plot to flesh out. Man, I love the Heroes Die setting. :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Catching Up

transcotower05All is well, despite the long absence here. My computer's CPU decided to die after a small power outage hit a few weeks back. After being nudged gently by Lana, I decided to just do a full rebuild so now I'm running a brand-spanking new system. Everything from the Motherboard up to the operating system has been upgraded and I'm one happy Daddy. I can finally take my camera photos that have been accumulating for the past month off my card! I've fallen pretty far behind on processing my pictures since access to Adobe Raw and Photoshop were only on my computer. I think the count was a little over 700 photos that needed to be processed.

bubblebath01When I'm not off roleplaying, I've been keeping pretty busy lately in the yard with Lana. Last year we attempted to plant a garden but we really just weren't prepared for numerous things. This time around we planned. We drew out a flower bed, constructed it, then decided we needed another. I dug out last year's Ghetto Greenhouses and started planting seeds. We weeded, tilled, sweated, and even painted and planted the fiberglass ball pots I made. I have to admit, I absolutely love it. I get to plan stuff like flowerbeds, fiberglass plant containers, concrete pots, play in the dirt and watch stuff come to fruition. To make it even better, it's become something of a family activity.

The weather is starting to warm up and I have to say I'm looking forward to sweating it out this year. I foresee lots of trips to the Houston Garden Center, Maas Nursery and Lowe's. It hits that sweet spot the same way trips to Office Depot and Nan's Games and Comics does. For those really hot days there's always a pit stop at the local Snow Cone Shop to help us cool down.

downtownlibrary01For those that don't know, I loooove snow cones but I am picky. They have to have real shaved ice. No exceptions. I remember on the weekends as a kid, when my dad was stationed in Hawaii, we'd pack up in the car and drive out to the beach. I loved playing in the sand, boogie boarding and snorkeling, but I always looked forward to the drive home. We always stopped at this little snow cone shop on the way home. It was just a little shack on the side of the road but they served real shaved ice and they'd even put a scoop of ice cream at the bottom. It was heavenly. I've never forgotten those salt-water sweaty evenings covered in sand, eating a snow cone. I remember wearing my brand new Gremlins hat, basking the glory of an awesome day with my family.

easter2010_14Since then, I'm always on the hunt for a good snow cone shop. I even went so far as to get my very first job at a snow cone shop, The Flamingo Chill. I hadn't been back in years but I hear Oscar, the guy who owns the place, is doing pretty damn good for himself. I worked their the first few years they were in business and remember the place fondly. I had a great boss, he paid me more than well, and I could have almost all the free snow cones I could want. I even remember talking him into selling his snow cones with a scoop of ice cream at the bottom. I do believe it was one of the first places in Houston, if not the first place, to offer that. Anyway, it's a great place run by good people you'd be proud to call friends.

So if you're ever there, ask for Oscar and tell him Alex said hi and thanks for everything. :D

Now I want a snow cone. Grab me a tamarindo with picosito while your there, will ya?

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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Bird Has Flown the Coop

owlcon2010_04After a busy few weeks I feel a little human again. Owlcon was pretty damn good this year. It's been a while since I've been very involved with gaming conventions so it was nice to actually run a game or two this year. My convention buddy, Marcel, didn't make it out with me this year. My dad had some time off from work and things just worked out that it fell on Owlcon weekend. While I was a little sad to not have him at Owlcon with me, it's nice knowing he enjoys spending time with my dad. I'm happy knowing he's getting to know just how great of guy my dad really is.

He was slotted to run a game of Heroscape this year but I managed to wheel in all three bags by myself and tossed together a quick map that made more than a few people stop for picture or two. While I may have thought it a little sad compared to maps Marcel and I have built in the past, most people who saw it thought it was pretty neat. Next year will be massive. I'm going for height next year, and lots of roads. I might even shoot to use
Everything I Got
  • 6 Rise of the Valkyrie
  • 2 Swarm of the Marro
  • 6 The Road to the Forgotten Forest
  • 6 Fortress of the Archkyrie
  • 1 Thaelenk Tundra
  • 1 Volcarren Wasteland
  • Nearly every small expansion to Wave 6

    The convention overall went really well. Every year it just seems to get bigger. I've been to a lot of gaming conventions in the Houston area and Owlcon remains the one to go to. A lot of those conventions come and go, but Owlcon has always remained rock steady. I can't wait until next year.

    This year was a bit special to top it off. Since I won the logo contest, I got to see my design on hundreds of gamers!! I can't really say I was wild about the purple but hey, it was my design on hundreds of gamers!! It was a very cool feeling. To make it all the more better, GURPS game I ran went really well and I even got to catch up with an old Army buddy I used to work and game with. Back when I still wore Army greens to work instead of pajamas, Matt and I used to hobble along company PT runs together at Fort Campbell.

    boomarangday04We went to AIT together and somehow managed to get the same duty station together for our first (and last) assignment. Both of us not being strong runners on our PT tests, we ended up doing mandatory PT at the ass crack of dawn together. During our off time, we played GURPS at my house. It was myself and few guys from the different departments in the hospital. To say our game sessions were gritty and realistic is an understatement. We knew what an open leg fracture looked like, what a septic infection smelled like, the sound a lung made when treating a tension pneumothorax. It was fun though, even when we were reminded by Lana that not everyone appreciated the shop talk at the dinner table. We gamed together, worked together, got drunk now and then, and enjoyed many meals Lana cooked up. He helped shuffle family and friends from the airport when Marcel was born. It was good times. It's always nice to catch up. In between games we ate, talked a lot and threw down a mean game of GURPS at the end of the evening. There's even plans in the works for another game here soon.

    dragonbornpally01So now with another Owlcon in the books and Lana back from her yearly Passion Parties Convention, we finally get a little bit of a breather. Catch up on laundry, stock the pantry back up, mow the lawn, unpack bags, etc.

    Well, I'm off to paint my D&D mini!! Might even get around to those Warhammer 40,000 Orkies sitting on my table. :)
  • Tuesday, February 9, 2010

    Riding High on the Dice

    012910_minis_0020Schedules have been pretty crazy around here in case you've stumbled by and noticed it's been a while since my last post. Here lately, any free time has been consumed in gaming of some sort. In the past few months I've managed to play:

    So it's been lots of reading for me lately - and driving. The group I've been gaming with lives on the other side of town but I really don't mind the drive so much. I get to listen to my iPod mixes the whole way and I catch up with my dad on the drive there. It's good to be gaming again. The creative juices are flowing again, I've always got a book to chew on, and I really dig being able to hang out with folks of like minds. They're a good group of guys. So if I haven't posted in a while it's only because I've been way to busy trying to keep up with household stuff, read the latest gaming book, and schedule gaming time in between. Then there's Owlcon to think of too. :)

    I'm really looking forward to Owlcon this year. I'm only running one game (a GURPS demo) this year so I won't have to sweat writing a game, NPC's, setting plot speed, etc. Marcel earns his GM wings as well, running a game of Hasbro Heroscape. It'll be another proud daddy nerd moment I can't wait for.

    I just wanted to come in and say all is well in our world. It's gonna be a badass year. Lana's in the zone knocking her business out the park, her convention is right around the corner, Marcel's doing awesome in school, and I'm rattling the dice at least twice a week. All is good.

    Well, I've got some Chaos Space Marines to stalk on eBay while the little girl is still sleeping so later!