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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Riding High on the Dice

012910_minis_0020Schedules have been pretty crazy around here in case you've stumbled by and noticed it's been a while since my last post. Here lately, any free time has been consumed in gaming of some sort. In the past few months I've managed to play:

So it's been lots of reading for me lately - and driving. The group I've been gaming with lives on the other side of town but I really don't mind the drive so much. I get to listen to my iPod mixes the whole way and I catch up with my dad on the drive there. It's good to be gaming again. The creative juices are flowing again, I've always got a book to chew on, and I really dig being able to hang out with folks of like minds. They're a good group of guys. So if I haven't posted in a while it's only because I've been way to busy trying to keep up with household stuff, read the latest gaming book, and schedule gaming time in between. Then there's Owlcon to think of too. :)

I'm really looking forward to Owlcon this year. I'm only running one game (a GURPS demo) this year so I won't have to sweat writing a game, NPC's, setting plot speed, etc. Marcel earns his GM wings as well, running a game of Hasbro Heroscape. It'll be another proud daddy nerd moment I can't wait for.

I just wanted to come in and say all is well in our world. It's gonna be a badass year. Lana's in the zone knocking her business out the park, her convention is right around the corner, Marcel's doing awesome in school, and I'm rattling the dice at least twice a week. All is good.

Well, I've got some Chaos Space Marines to stalk on eBay while the little girl is still sleeping so later!

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