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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Bird Has Flown the Coop

owlcon2010_04After a busy few weeks I feel a little human again. Owlcon was pretty damn good this year. It's been a while since I've been very involved with gaming conventions so it was nice to actually run a game or two this year. My convention buddy, Marcel, didn't make it out with me this year. My dad had some time off from work and things just worked out that it fell on Owlcon weekend. While I was a little sad to not have him at Owlcon with me, it's nice knowing he enjoys spending time with my dad. I'm happy knowing he's getting to know just how great of guy my dad really is.

He was slotted to run a game of Heroscape this year but I managed to wheel in all three bags by myself and tossed together a quick map that made more than a few people stop for picture or two. While I may have thought it a little sad compared to maps Marcel and I have built in the past, most people who saw it thought it was pretty neat. Next year will be massive. I'm going for height next year, and lots of roads. I might even shoot to use
Everything I Got
  • 6 Rise of the Valkyrie
  • 2 Swarm of the Marro
  • 6 The Road to the Forgotten Forest
  • 6 Fortress of the Archkyrie
  • 1 Thaelenk Tundra
  • 1 Volcarren Wasteland
  • Nearly every small expansion to Wave 6

    The convention overall went really well. Every year it just seems to get bigger. I've been to a lot of gaming conventions in the Houston area and Owlcon remains the one to go to. A lot of those conventions come and go, but Owlcon has always remained rock steady. I can't wait until next year.

    This year was a bit special to top it off. Since I won the logo contest, I got to see my design on hundreds of gamers!! I can't really say I was wild about the purple but hey, it was my design on hundreds of gamers!! It was a very cool feeling. To make it all the more better, GURPS game I ran went really well and I even got to catch up with an old Army buddy I used to work and game with. Back when I still wore Army greens to work instead of pajamas, Matt and I used to hobble along company PT runs together at Fort Campbell.

    boomarangday04We went to AIT together and somehow managed to get the same duty station together for our first (and last) assignment. Both of us not being strong runners on our PT tests, we ended up doing mandatory PT at the ass crack of dawn together. During our off time, we played GURPS at my house. It was myself and few guys from the different departments in the hospital. To say our game sessions were gritty and realistic is an understatement. We knew what an open leg fracture looked like, what a septic infection smelled like, the sound a lung made when treating a tension pneumothorax. It was fun though, even when we were reminded by Lana that not everyone appreciated the shop talk at the dinner table. We gamed together, worked together, got drunk now and then, and enjoyed many meals Lana cooked up. He helped shuffle family and friends from the airport when Marcel was born. It was good times. It's always nice to catch up. In between games we ate, talked a lot and threw down a mean game of GURPS at the end of the evening. There's even plans in the works for another game here soon.

    dragonbornpally01So now with another Owlcon in the books and Lana back from her yearly Passion Parties Convention, we finally get a little bit of a breather. Catch up on laundry, stock the pantry back up, mow the lawn, unpack bags, etc.

    Well, I'm off to paint my D&D mini!! Might even get around to those Warhammer 40,000 Orkies sitting on my table. :)
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