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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Still Growing Strong

garden2010_006Things are coming along rather nicely in the yard. I think I've spent almost every day for the past week or so with Livie playing in the backyard. I've got the farmer's tan to prove it. We wake up sometime around 9-10am, grab a bit to eat, put our shoes on together and make our way outside. The little girl has become quite the little helper. I pull up weeds and she plants them in a small pot. I take down low-hanging tree limbs and she drags em to the pile. When I water the plants, it's her job to make sure the mud is good and mushy. Sometime around noon, we break for a sandwich. We usually sit on the porch munching away on a grill cheese or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's pretty damn nice. To make matters even better, we're seeing some real growth in the garden. I can't help but feel pretty excited about it all even if a lot of the seeds I planted didn't come up. Of the seeds I started, this is what I got growing so far:
  • Alpine Strawberries (Christmas Stocking Stuffer that came with a little pot, pack of seeds and soil)
  • Cucumbers
  • Jalapenos
  • Rose Moss
  • Cockscomb
  • Bachelor Buttons
  • Morning Glories
  • Yellow Hibiscus (Clippings I took from an apartment complex last year)
  • Cardinal Climber
  • Salvia
  • Black-Eyed Susans
  • Forget Me Nots (Christmas Stocking Stuffer that came with a little pot, pack of seeds and soil
  • Burning Love (Christmas Stocking Stuffer that came with a little pot, pack of seeds and soil

Most of the stuff I managed to coax out of the ground are pretty hardy stuff and pretty easy to grow from what I've read but I must say I'm still pretty darn happy to make it this far. I've never really been into gardening until the past year or two, so to get anything to grow and stay green for any length of time is quite an achievement for me. Most of our veggies, we bought from Lowe's or Walmart.

  • Tomato (Early Girl)
  • Tomato (Cherry)
  • Tomato (Big Boy)
  • Bell Pepper (Yellow)
  • Bell Pepper (Red)
  • Basil (Globe)
  • Basil (Traditional)
  • Cabbage
  • Strawberries
  • Yellow Squash
  • Zuccini
  • Rudabaga
  • Watermelon
  • Cayanne Peppers
  • Mint
  • Beans
  • Jasmine

It's all so green and still growing! The tomato plants have baby tomatoes, the Cayenne Peppers have peppers, The Cucumbers, Strawberries, and Cabbages are getting big and even the unknown bean plant has pods growing. I'm just giddy over it all. Honestly, it's a little hard not to make clippings of everything I see and like these days. I have clippings of stuff I have no idea what it is. Right now my prize plant, besides the Hibiscus clippings I've kept alive and growing for a year now, is a little pecan tree Lana gave me. She was helping a friend move an air conditioner unit to their mom's home, when they started talking plants and trading. My woman, knowing I've become something of a plant junky and knowing how much I love pecans, brought me home a pecan tree still sprouting from a pecan. That's love. :)

So what else has been going on? Not a whole lot really. You know us, we're obsessive personalities around here so it's been mostly plants on the brain. I was so excited about the stuff growing in the yard, I just wanted to show ya.


Well, I'm off to write up my GM notes for my GURPS game. Tomorrow starts early and I got a sinister plot to flesh out. Man, I love the Heroes Die setting. :)