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Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Bus'in

coldspringcarshow_04I've had cars on the brain a lot lately. A friend of mine I hadn't heard from in a while called me up a few weeks back. We talked for a bit, then he told me he decided to start doing auto body work again. First thing I thought of was my 1966 VW Bus sitting in the garage. Turns out, my bus was the first thing he thought of too. He was pretty eager to get his hands on it and the very next day we had it towed to his place. So I've been stopping by nearly everyday, visiting with him and my now dismantled Bus. I can't help but be very excited.

dubcarshow2010_088The Bus has been sitting in my garage for nearly five years. I honestly was just a little intimidated with the amount of body work that was necessary being that I had no experience with real body work. I can do wiring and I can even do engine work but the thing freezing me in my tracks was the body work. I can build fiberglass armor pieces, custom helmets, even formfitting masks from body filler and fiberglass, but real automotive body work that has to withstand the test of time and elements on a daily basis. The bus has small patches of rust, a dented nose, rusted battery trays that needed replacing plus safari windows that needed welding to install. Turns out, he's done all that before so it's working out well.

dubcarshow2010_054It's a little scary seeing it in various stages of dis-assembly but it's coming along fast. They even tolerate me hanging around all the time and getting in the way. I'm pretty excited about the idea of driving the bus in the very near future. I've even got the seats, I think, picked out. Dodge ram trucks have the style of seats I want. Long bench-style with a 2/3 shotgun seat in the middle with fold down armrest if the middle isn't occupied. A bonus? The fold down armrest has cup holders plus a compartment for miscellaneous stuff like CD's nobody uses anymore.

I do have my homework cut out for me while the guys knock out on the bodywork...
  • Custom Fiberglass dash for double DIN stereo
  • Find and purchase front and rear seats
  • Prepare engine for reinstallation
  • Custom Fiberglass firewall with speakers & amp
  • Custom Fiberglass air intake scoops
  • Find bumpers
  • Order gaskets for doors and windows
  • Order Safari Windows
My favorite part...
  • Pick the color!!

bustrip 014
Besides having Bus brain nearly constantly, it's been a pretty good start to summer. Our garden is blooming like crazy with peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Marcel is now out of school and we're looking to do some camping. We spent a bit of time scoping out some prospective spots a few weeks back with Lana's Dad after the Cold Springs Car Show. I've also decided to take my photography to the next level by grabbing the first few pieces of real lighting gear. I'm thinking two strobe lights with soft boxes, a wireless light sync, and a muslin frame. That should get me started. Who wants to be my first model??

Off to work on my GURPS Heroe's Die game before the little girl wakes up!!

And just because - How my lil girl avoids brain freeze...

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