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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Colorado Christmas

christmas2010__122510_0119bchristmas2010_02The holiday season is gone and it's a whole new year. We had a pretty good Christmas. We decided to surprise the kids with a road trip to Colorado. I'd been talking for years how I always wanted the kiddos to experience a real white Christmas. Yeah, it snowed in Houston that one year, but it didn't really give us that full experience I grew up with. Snow-covered houses, sledding on the hill in my backyard, building snow forts for snowball fights, etc. Playing Laser Tag in the snow pretty much sucked though. The damn laser would bounce off the snow nevermind try getting the straps on and off with gloved hands and a snowsuit.

20101220_gardenofthegods_0156gardenofthegods_083aAs it turns out, we decided to go during a record-breaking warm December and drove in during hurricane winds. The next morning we were greeted by news stories how the winds blew roofs off homes and semi trucks off the road. For the most part, we all slept through it except Lana who just gave us that look. She was the lucky one who got to drive through it while the rest of us napped. Needless to say, there was no snow on the ground. So we enjoyed the local surroundings without the snow. We took in the local cuisine, we climbed rocks, and we eventually found our snow. There was even a small adventure involving a trip to a small place called Hartsel where we had some awesome tamales.

gardenofthegods_102aberthoundstop18We had to drive a few hours out, resupply at a local goodwill for proper snowsuits and gloves, and take the scariest drive up winding mountain roads, but we found it.

Our original destination was Frasier Tubing Hill. We set out on our mountain trek through the scariest and most breathtaking mountain drive in the afternoon but didn't get close to our destination until late. Then I managed to take a wrong turn somewhere around the rest stop where we played in the snow. I ended up on some lonely road winding up the mountain just beyond the locked down mine. The truck started sliding down the road when we all decided this was not a good idea. Thankfully Helen was paying attention and realized I missed my turn so we decided to try one more time to find the place.

The lil girl dragged me up the lift every time. She would loo... on TwitpicWhen we got close to the place, we saw the most amazing thing. It was a massive hillside covered in snow, divided into half a dozen sledding lanes. The best part? A conveyor belt took you to the top. We immediately turned in and decided this was the place. Turns out we were at Colorado Adventure Park. We hit the hills until the park closed. The little girl and I went down the hill together and she almost made it to closing time. She would point to the hill she wanted to hit next, I'd drag her in the tube to the conveyor and she'd drag me to the top as she ran her way up again.

Overall, I have to say it was a pretty amazing trip. We played most of the trip by ear as far as schedule went once we got there, but that's how we roll. We have more fun that way and get to enjoy stuff we would have completely missed out. I'm pretty sure the kids walked away with some really great memories. I know I did and I'm really looking forward to going back.

Still reading? How bout some more pictures of our Colorado trip and a crazy video of Livie and me going down the hill?

Well, that's all for now. I'm off to play in the garage. It's time for attempt No.2 on the wooden ocarinas. :D

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