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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Screws to the Finger

Pretty blue & purple now & I can almost close my hand... on TwitpicIt's been quite an adventurous past month or so.  I've been meaning to write a little something up but it's been rather difficult with just one hand.

Last month, on the 20th, I was drilling at Jiu-Jitsu class.  We were working on standing guard arm bars when my partner started giving some resistance and wondering how to counter.  I really didn't think anything about it until he really laid into breaking my lapel grips.  Now something to keep in mind;  I was hanging from him like a baby monkey.  I stand at 5'4" and he somewhere around 6'2" at least.  I'm sure it looked pretty comical.

So he grabs my hands and just starts ripping away.  I'm trying to keep em of course when one of my knuckles pop a little and I get a nasty finger sprain - or so I thought.  My left ringer finger swelled up pretty fast.  I could move it enough to finish most of the class but bumping it made me a little dizzy now and then.  I still thought it was just sprained.  When it was time to roll I even managed to for one round.  By the time it was time for the second round I couldn't close my hand so I quit for the first time in class.  I think that hurt more than the finger.

alex_xray02The next day my finger and palm looked like a rainbow of colors.  I was still thinking just a sprain.  Fast forward two weeks and I was beginning to suspect it was broken since I still couldn't make a fist, my finger couldn't flex out all the way, it still hurt like a bitch and it looked - crooked.  So I sucked it up and went to my family doctor.  She took one look and confirmed what I feared. I had officially broken a bone in my body for the first time.  She chastised me for waiting so long, then sent me to Radiology.

I honestly expected a hair fracture or two.  I was a little shocked when I saw it snapped clean in two.  I was told I had two options.

Option One:  I could let it finish healing.  I would lose about half an inch on my finger length, I might not be able to hyper-extend it or close it all the way again, I would lose gripping strength and it would be crooked.  Forever.

Option Two:  Surgery.  Full anesthesia.  They'd open my finger up, remove the new bone growth (you can see it in the x-ray), straighten it out, then screw it in place.  Full recovery with no side effects other than an even stronger finger.

alex_xray03aI went with option two.  It really wasn't much of a choice really.  Did I mention I'm left-handed?  I also like to think of myself as something of a shitty artist too.  I love to draw, I sculpt, I do a lot of digital graphic work, woodworking, I sew and quite a bit of fiberglass work.   The point is, I love working artistically with my hands.  So I really kind of need my finger.  Nevermind I can't really write my own name without gripping the pen like a one year old.  Plus?  I really miss Jiu-Jitsu.  Badly.

I was pretty nervous about the surgery.  Waking up was very disturbing and disorienting.  I laid down listening to Before He Cheats in the operating room and woke up in a bed with my left arm in a cast.  So now I'll forever carry around two screws.

My follow up appointment is next week so hopefully this half cast will come off and I can go back to Jiu-Jitsu, finish the ocarina's I started, finish the poker table I'm building and work more effectively on the few digital projects I got on the back burner.

I haven't been completely idle though.  I can still type even if I do get laughed and pointed at by Marcel whenever he sees me typing with my thumb.  I even managed to create and update my Obsidian Portal site for my GURPS Shadowrun 4th Edition Conversion.  It was mostly copying and pasting since the work was already done but it still took a couple of days.

If your a cyberpunk fan (and I know you secretly are even if you don't know you are), then take a gander.

I'm totally geeking out on Obsidian Portal lately for lots of reasons but that's for another post later.

So I'm out for now. It's time for some more Vicodin and maybe even some food.

Oh, this post? One-handed with a thumb punch now and then. Go me.


  1. so this a very funny yet sad story, but this happened to me also. I was playing flag football last Tuesday and jammed my finger into the persons hip(which i did get the flag and we won the game) but mine was on my right ring finger( i am right handed by the way) and i started pulling it thinking i jammed it but i was making it worse by pulling on it and twisting it. the next day i woke up with a bruised finger and swollen like a sausage link and so i went to the er and he told me i fractured it and put me in a splint. 2 days later i went to the orthopedic and he said i shattered the bone and i needed surgery( first time braking a bone and ever having to have surgery) so he put me in a cast until the following Tuesday and then had the surgery which was quite exciting for me.... all in all its been 2 days after my surgery, a zig zag scare which i requested from the doc before the procedure and i am no longer on Vicodin (750mg)due to the fact the nurse said that it has an opposite affect on me and keeps me awake and wont really help the pain(good thing i have a VERY high tolerance for pain) and i am back to football with a cast 2 day after ready to play in my football game tomorrow night...o by the way Im a Girl :-).

  2. It's amazing how much a ring finger impedes day to day things isn't it? Especially when it's on your dominant hand. I wish I had gone in to see the doctor sooner but I was really hoping it wasn't broken. It took me out of Jiu-Jitsu training for two months! :D

    I didn't know you could request a scar shape! I don't think that would have been a good choice in my situation though since whoever sutured me butchered the job. Oh well.

    Sounds to me like flag football is a little rougher than I remember. :D